Reviews of Brother John by August Turak

“Congratulations, August! We’re proud of you and ‘Brother John’. God bless!”—Rick Warren, author, The Purpose Driven Life

“A beautiful, and beautifully illustrated, parable for our time, for any time.”—James Martin, SJ, author, Jesus: A Pilgrimage

“Just beautiful. As humble and subtle as the brothers but staggering in southern color and beauty and geometry and light. What a treasure.”—Newsday

“A gorgeous Christmas present or special occasion book, ‘Brother John’ is unique and joyful in its message.”—Zippy Sandler, Champagne Living

“‘Brother John’ by August Turak is a captivating story that calls each of us to reflect on our own lives. Turak does an incredible job of pulling you into life at the monastery. As with any life of great compassion, we fear that we are incapable of living such nobility, but Turak gives us a compelling reason to try. He asserts that if we allow ourselves to pursue the ‘everyday noble’ in the same way as Brother John, we will experience the miraculous, and a release of fear that our life is not big enough. I found myself filled with hope after reading ‘Brother John’, reminded that growth lays before us, on the other side of fear!”—Sarah Heath, author, What’s Your Story? Seeing Your Life Through God’s Eyes

“A fabulous gift for the holidays. If you’re searching for the secret to living a more purposeful and meaningful life, you’ll love this book. It’s easy to read, yet it’s so profound. The message is inspiring and the illustrations are gorgeous. Personally, I’ll cherish this book forever.”—Frank Sonnenberg, Award-winning author of Follow Your Conscience and Managing with a Conscience

“‘Brother John’ is a charming and simple story with a powerful and insightful message. August Turak speaks beautifully about what truly makes life worth living.”—Carl McColman, author, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism; cohost,

“Meaning. Purpose. Engagement. Those are our modern buzz words. Yet most focus on the purpose of doing, and not the purpose of being who we really are. Turak’s beautiful ‘Brother John’ gently points us inward and upward toward our ultimate purpose.”—David W. Miller, Ph.D., Director, Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative

“My favorite book to give to others.”—Peggy Welty Hays, Top-Performing Entrepreneur at Rodan + Fields

“‘Brother John’ tells a simple story of a life profoundly lived. The depth of this life becomes visible and transformative in a simple act of hospitality and kindness: an act that raises the question of the kind of life we really want to live. The story is made all the richer by Glenn Harrington’s evocative illustrations. ‘Brother John’ is deeply rewarding food for contemplation.”—William Cahoy, PhD, Dean Emeritus, Saint John’s University School of Theology and Seminary

“In this beautifully illustrated book, August Turak pulls back the curtain of monastic life. ‘Brother John’ shows us how to bring a little bit of heaven to earth, right now. I highly recommend that you read ‘Brother John’ and share it with anyone you care about.”—Mike Morrell, collaborating author with Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance

“Beautiful illustrations and it was so refreshing to reread ‘Brother John’. It’s a powerful reminder of how Brother John lives, how we should all live, and what might be holding us back.”—Kavita Hall, Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“I just re-read ‘Brother John’ once again, The story moved me to my core. It brought to mind this line from Dostoevsky: ‘Active love is a harsh and fearful thing compared with love in dreams.’ This is a book that shakes us from our slumbers. Read it tonight.”—Luke Burgis, The Busch School of Business, The Catholic University of America

“The illustrations add to the depth and beauty of this book in a way that would make it a wonderful addition to any library. It is, in itself, a work of art.”—The Plucky Reader

“I cannot stress enough how beautiful this book is. I am making a list of people that I want to share it with. It is a perfect blend of text and illustration.”—Miriam Downey, the Cyberlibrarian

“‘Brother John’ is the profound, timeless story of how service, giving, and selflessness are the secrets to a more purposeful life. It is beautifully written. The illustrations are truly stunning, memorable and stand on their own. Yet ‘Brother John’s’ message is what is so priceless.

Following Christmas Eve Mass at Mepkin Abbey outside Charleston, South Carolina, a Monk’s simple act of kindness brings new meaning and insights to the author’s own spiritual journey. Through Mr. Turak’s writings and speaking engagements, he now shares Brother John’s miraculous gift, grace and values to countless others.

In today’s fast-paced world, humanity’s finest qualities are often underused. The universal message of ‘Brother John: A Monk, a Pilgrim and the Purpose of Life’ reveals humankind at its best, providing inspiration for those seeking authentic, enriched lives of meaning and purpose.

‘Brother John’ makes a wonderful gift for the holidays or anytime. I have found that with each reading, new insights are revealed.”—John Shaker, retired VP & Business Executive, Broadcast Music, Inc. & MTV Networks

Brother John by August Turak
Brother John by August Turak

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